The following computer based pieces are currently available for booking. Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a performance.

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June 2012

A presentation of realtime processed shortwave radio streams

SM: Radio, processing and multichannel diffusion

“The sheer beauty of these slowly shifting soundscapes is as breathtaking as it is unfathomable.”
Dan Warburton in The Wire

Technical requirements
A high quality 4 or 6-channel PA (d&b Audiotechnik, Meyer Sound or Martin Audio)
One XLR connection per channel from my interface

Music for Columbia Phonoharp
Music for Columbia Phonoharp is performed on a 1896 zither played with five eBows as input for realtime processing. The piece is a dedication to the gospel preacher Washington Phillips.
SM: Phonoharp, radio, processing

“By the way, Stephan Mathieu is considered one of the most important laptop musicians of our days.”
Wired Magazine, San Francisco

Technical requirements
2x Fender Twin guitar amps
1x Ampeg SVT-810AV bass cabinet + head
3x XLR connection amp to interface

Photo by Fabrice Allard