A live recording and two video excerpts from the premier performance of Tashi Wada’s composition Revenant, played on June 9. 2011 in the XIII century portico of Collége des Bernardins in Paris.

Revenant is written for two virginals and electromagnets, in this performance I played a Dolmetsch 1952 Octave Virgnal with 5 Ebows live along to a pre-recorded second voice performed on the same instrument.
Both instruments are tuned in a symmetrical version of 2/7-comma meantone temperament with A=415Hz
The piece was played back through four loudspeakers patched double mono, one mono pair for the amplified live instrument, another for the recorded take. The audience moved freely in the space.

This room recording is made with a pair of customised Octava large diaphragm microphones.

Two videos by Maxime Guitton
#I & #II

Photo by David Sanson

Thanks a lot to Tashi Wada, David Sanson and all at Collége des Bernardins

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