— Stephan Mathieu, a musician

Tashi Wada and I have spent a couple of days in my studio to go through the recordings for his composition Revenant that we had made in the GRM studios, Paris two years ago. We came up with a selection of versions to be released on Tashi’s own Saltern imprint which will be launched soon.

August 11 2014

An excerpt of my version of Francisco López’ Untitled #92

Recorded at home in January 2014 with 78rpm records from the early 1910s, four HMV Model 102 mechanical-acoustic gramophones, picked up by DPA 4060 Lavalier microphones, equalized and diffused using an Audio Development 147 portable mixer

“This hauting skeleton music, with its own crepitating and shifting rhythms, was a pure poetic voyage.”

Antoine Richard in his review of a performance of #92 at Berlin’s Sophiensæle, where I played the piece through two Fender Twins and two Ampeg SVT-810 amps

Untitled #92 is part of my ongoing Virginals project

Untitled #92
June 25 2014

My friend Hanno Leichtmann has invited me to perform at his Minimal Studies Festival in Berlin.
I’m currently working on a new piece based on Renaissance tablatures by Luis de Narváez from his ‘Los seys libros del Delphin’ published in 1538. On this occasion I will play my 1965 Framus parlor guitar for the first time live.

A big Thank you goes to Noël Akchoté for recommending both the instrument and tablatures, and his great enthusiasm in encouraging me.
Dank an Christian Fennesz for helping me with the fine tuning.

Saturday, November 23. 2013
20.00 ct

Minimal Studies @ HO Berlin
Holzmarktstraße 66
10179 Berlin

November 23. 2013 in Berlin
November 10 2013

After traveling for the past two months I will make a last trip to Paris tomorrow to work on a new piece at the GRM studios with my friends Akira Rabelais and Kassel Jaeger.

I will spend the rest of the year developing my electronic drum kit, wherever this will lead me I hope you will join in.


Landing the year gently
October 22 2013