— Stephan Mathieu, a musician

In an attempt to get some recent rumors out of the way –

I have not been part of The Kilowatt Hour since the final live dates were played in September 2013. Hence I was never involved in the production of a CD titled there’s a light that enters houses with no other houses in sight.

My own dedication to Franz Wright will be published in 2015 by Editions Mego.

Enjoy your October,

re. The Kilowatt Hour
October 21 2014

I received this beautiful instrument, built in the Kingdom of Kongo about 140 years ago.

October 6 2014

A Gift
September 25 2014

I’ve added new pieces by Jefre Cantu and Janek Schaefer from their upcoming LPs on Mexican Summer and Dekorder to the Schwebung Mastering playlist.

Please visit Schwebung Mastering for more info on my mastering services and feel free get in touch for a quote.


Schwebung Mastering
August 24 2014