— Stephan Mathieu, a musician

In May 2005 I went to an exhibition opening of works by Die Schachtel in my hometown Saarbrücken, my daughter Eva joined me and my then very little son Richard sat in a cloth tied around my chest. Everybody was busy chatting, everybody except for us and one man standing alone in the small courtyard outside. I approached him and we soon found ourselves talking about the pretty weather and the city. Since he was from Milan, I asked him whether he was familiar with the work of Walter Marchetti. It turned out this gentleman was Gabriele Bonomo, Marchetti’s close friend and publisher.

Before Gabriele left town again some days later, I gave him two records for Walter Marchetti, the On Paper compilation which has a piece I dedicated to him in 2002, as well as my album The Sad Mac. Some weeks later I received a typewritten letter by Marchetti, saying how grateful he was for the music and also how he enjoyed my ‘homegrown’ approach towards working with computers. We tried to set up a dinner whenever I was in Milan, unfortunately this never happened.

After all, it’s such a very small world,
I hope this finds you well, wherever you are.

Thanks for the outstanding beauty,


RADIOLAND (PANORÁMICA), a live recording by Caro Mikalef and Stephan Mathieu originally released to critical acclaim on Richard Chartier’s Line label in 2012 is now available for the first time as 24 Bit lossless download.

The remastered 24Bit Digital Edition comes with an 8-page PDF booklet, you can preview and purchase Radioland (Panorámica) at Schwebung Bandcamp

“The vibrating layers of Mathieu’s and Mikalef’s drones seem to detach themselves from each other, and as one tries to focus on their respective temporal modulations, it feels like moving through the fabric of time – a mesmerising experience.”

Pascal Savy for Fluid-Radio


The beauty of the moment when the birds stop singing

Solar Eclipse
March 20 2015

I’m currently recording Fourth Dream with a setup of two gongs and a resonating parlor guitar for a 32-channel diffusion on February 07.2015 at the Fondazione San Fedele Milano.

Fourth Dream
January 27 2015