— Stephan Mathieu, a musician

A video by Caro Mikalef for Palimpsest by Sylvain Chauveau and myself.

You can purchase the album on audiophile vinyl or 24Bit Flac from Schwebung

The Floating World
April 15 2014

Inspiration/blueprint shot for a project I can hopefully tell you more about in a year from now.

Future Project
March 21 2014

Caro made a new video for Kepler-11, the final track on The Falling Rocket.

Thanks for the beauty!

March 16 2014

Taylor Deupree \ Federico Durand
ILLUHA \ Stephan Mathieu \ LIVE

4/5+6 京都 きんせ旅館
Kinse, Kyoto

4/10 青山
CAY @ Spiral, Aoyama



4/12 鎌倉 光明寺
Komyo-ji Temple, Kamakura


Toshimaru Nakamura + Tetsuji Akiyama+ Ken Ikeda

4/13 東京 中目黒 みどり荘
Sayonara Spekk @ Midori-so, Tokyo

+ Minoru Sato / Asuna

I’m very much looking forward to play duos with Taylor Deupree, Federico Durand and Toshi Nakamura, as well as being part of a quartet incarnation of Illuha.

Please visit Kualauk Table for updates.

お疲れ様 Tomo!

花見 Tour in Japan
March 5 2014