— Stephan Mathieu, a musician

I’m currently recording Fourth Dream with a setup of two gongs and a resonating parlor guitar for a 32-channel diffusion on February 07.2015 at the Fondazione San Fedele Milano.

Fourth Dream
January 27 2015

by Stephan Mathieu

Four pieces, 260 minutes

24Bit Digital Edition with 13-page PDF available from Schwebung


by Stephan Mathieu

7 Tracks / 48 min
24Bit/96kHz FLAC
11-Page PDF Booklet


I’ve finished my soundtrack for the Sacred Ground documentary about the Wounded Knee and Mount Rushmore memorial sites in South Dakota. SACRED GROUND is a 7-part suite of 48 minutes duration, dedicated to Florian Fricke (1944 – 2001), whose soundtracks with Popol Vuh for Werner Herzog were a huge inspiration during my work for the feature.

SACRED GROUND comes with an 11-page PDF by Caro Mikalef and is available as digital edition from Schwebung.


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[24Bit/96kHz FLAC or other formats + PDF / €7.00]


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In an attempt to get some recent rumors out of the way –

I have not been part of The Kilowatt Hour since the final live dates were played in September 2013. Hence I was never involved in the production of a CD titled there’s a light that enters houses with no other houses in sight.

My own dedication to Franz Wright will be published in 2015 by Editions Mego.

Enjoy your October,

re. The Kilowatt Hour
October 21 2014